The Annual Houston History Conference

Rogues, Rascals, Heroes, Villains, Drama, Comedy… it’s all part of Houston’s History

Since 2009, the Houston History Alliance has hosted a one-day city-wide conference focusing on a particular topic within Houston’s rich history. We’ve covered a lot of ground: the 2016 conference The History of Houston’s Musical Soul was the first time anyone ever took a look at the many music genres that are indigenous to Houston. (Did you know Zydeco was born in Houston?) The 2015 “Houston in the 1860s: on the Cusp of War” looked the city before and after the Civil War, in  2014 we focused on “Born on the Bayou, Built on the Port”, and in 2013 we gave voice to “Rogues, Rascals and Role Models”.

In 2018, the Houston History Alliance invites you to:
The 2018 Houston History Conference:


Each year, we bring together historians, both professional and lay, to dive deep into the different stories of the people and events that built this amazing, sometimes frustrating, but always surprising, city.

Would you like to present at one of our conferences? Watch this space – we’ll announce our call for papers as we firm up the plans for each conference.

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