Chris Daigle is a photographer, journalist, and historian from Houston, Texas. He graduated from St. Thomas University with a degree in Communications, and has been actively documenting events and places in Houston since 1976. “It all began with a Honeywell camera, and I rode with a Houston Chronicle photographer, and I knew this was it” he said. Since then, Daigle’s journalistic work has taken him around the United States, covering wildfires in California, the campaign of Gerald Ford versus Jimmy Carter in 1976, touring with the Rolling Stones, flying training missions with the U.S. Navy Blue Angels over Florida, and followed the career of Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison for Texas Monthly.

Daigle has always been an advocate for his hometown of Houston, Texas, and it’s hidden history.” In 1979, I worked for Paul Lynwood Gittings at his studio on Post Oak. He told us one day the reason for his success. “We are doing this to leave a trail” and I never forgot that, and that’s what keeps me going.” He said.

Daigle leaves a trail for others to follow with words and pictures, capturing places and life stories before they disappear. His volunteer work with the Rutherford B.H. Yates Museum in Freedmen’s Town, Fourth Ward, has introduced hundreds of students to local history, and it’s importance in people’s lives today. “We need to know what happened here, and how and how it led to what we are as a city and as a culture today. We’re connecting the dots right now for people tomorrow’” he said.