The Houston History Alliance’s Neighborhood History Guide

When is Houston not Houston?

The Greater Houston Metropolitan Area… depending on which source you reference, this term generally describes the 10-county area surrounding Houston city proper. However you carve it, what we know of as “Houston” is a relatively new entity. In fact, it’s a quilt of small municipalities, villages and neighborhoods with their own individual stories. Each has at one point or another become part of the overall pattern, ??stitched together over time into a larger, unified whole.

Do you live in one of these communities? Are you and you neighbors invested in learning more about and documenting your neighborhood’s history for future generations to remember and protect?

Download the Houston History Alliance Neighborhood History Guide and learn how you and your community can:

  • research the history of your neighborhood
  • document past citizens
  • identify original businesses and infrastructure
  • document your findings to apply for historic district status