HHA on KPFT’s Open Journal

Listen in on Houston???s interesting (read: ???crazy???) history

The story of Houston???s genesis is practically gospel:

???Chapter 1, verses 1 ??? 2: ??? In 1836, The Allen Brothers founded their future ???Great Commercial Emporium??? on the banks of the White Oak and Buffalo Bayous. From there, a great metropolis burst into bloom, becoming the economic powerhouse it is today, fourth largest city in the United States.??????

Did you notice a few gaps in that story? There???s oh-so-much more to tell! The gaping holes in that simple gospel are rich with colorful characters, drama, intrigue, broken hearts, and stunning triumphs.

Luckily, you???ve got the Houston History Alliance! Every first Friday morning of the month, HHA is on KPFT???s Open Journal program with a new history expert, ready to spin some true tales about Houston???s amazing past.

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The History of Houston’s Music Soul, 2016:
A collaboration between HHA, The Jung Center of Houston, and The Houston Blues Museum

Join us as we explore the history of Houston’s musical heart! Our conference will be??Saturday, October 1, 2016 at the MATCH??facility on Main.