Houston History Alliance in the Community

Houston IS Opportunity

You know the old saying: “nothing that’s good comes easy.”

Oh, what a community this is… The Houston History Alliance and our Community Partners will spend many life times exploring the incredible diversity of this amazing, wacky, city.

Check out the different ways you can learn more about Houston through HHA:

  • HHA on KPFT: once a month, HHA appears on 90.1 KPFT’s Open Journal program with local history experts exploring a particular corner of Houston’s history
  • The HHA??Neighborhood Guide teaches communities how to trace and document their history in order to achieve Historic District status

From day one, the muddy banks of the White Oak and Buffalo Bayous have held out the??promise of fortune, but only??to those who could??brave the mosquitos, torrential rains, and mud.

Today, in our times of advanced climate control and umbrellas, the modern Houstonian??enjoys the bounty of those who literally paved the way for all of us to make our way here and build our homes.

In many ways, Houston is a refugee town. There are native Houstonians, but many more of us are here for reasons that usually begin with “economic opportunity.” Gaze at the throngs of people shopping in the Galleria on a busy Saturday; easily 90% of those wandering through the shops haven’t been in Houston longer than a single generation.

So, we are what is known as in geographical parlance as a “port city.” Think of it as a version of France’s Marseilles with a thick Texas drawl… we’re literally a rich stewpot of vibrant and interesting cultures from around the country and the world, all together in this??odd shape-shifting community, where our different histories blend together into a??unifying tapestry??that is always changing, always increasing in depth and complexity. Aren’t we lucky!