Videos from The History of Houston’s Musical SOUL Weekend

Relive our rockin’ Houston History Conference!

Joe Nick’s keynote was brilliant, the great Johnny Bush hung out with us and told stories of his life in Kashmere Gardens and beyond, Shelley Carroll pulled out his tenor sax and released his Texas Tenor mojo, Nick Gaitan and Robert Rodriguez cut loose on their bass and accordion… we danced, and talked, and laughed. We made new friends, hung with old friends, and basically spent three glorious days soaking in the true, the wonderful, the often surprising history of Houston’s many musical scenes.

Weren’t there?? We understand. Discover what you missed by exploring the videos listed here and discover why Houston really is ACTION TOWN!

Who are these people? See the complete list of panelists and their impressive bios here.

The History of Houston’s Musical Soul! 


What a fantastic weekend! Take a quick look at everything the conference had to offer.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this weekend of events such an amazing success. We’re very grateful to everyone who donated both money and time to ensure the weekend happened.

This program was made possible in part by grants from the Texas Commission on the Arts,  The Summerlee Foundation; the Strake Foundation; The Texas Historical Foundation; and Humanities Texas, the State Affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities. The Houston History Alliance’s 2016 conference partner the Houston Blues Museum is funded in part by the City of Houston through Houson Arts Alliance.

Friday night Texas Zydeco screening, talkback, dancing, party, food...

Carl Lindahl, Roger Wood, Ruben Duran dive into Texas Zydeco

Carl Lindahl, Roger Wood, Ruben Duran dive into Texas Zydeco

Did you know Zydeco was born in Houston? Watch this panel and learn all about it!

See the actual documentary, produced by the Houston Community College, here. 

The evening was held in the historic DeLuxe Theater on Lyons Avenue in the Fifth Ward, the historic home of Zydeco. We watched the movie, then had a chance to hear about Roger Wood’s and Ruben Duran’s experiences making the movie.

Sean Fitzpatrick, Executive Director of HHA Conference Partner The Jung Center

Dr. Sean Fitzpatrick, Executive Director, The Jung Center

Dr. Sean Fitzpatrick, Executive Director, The Jung Center

Sean welcomes everyone to the conference and set the stage for how music expresses the true soul of Houston.

Sean’s a man of great depth and lots of stories… there’s a reason he’s wearing that cool jacket…


Joe Nick Patoski Keynote Address

Joe Nick Patoski, Keynote Speaker

Joe Nick Patoski, Keynote Speaker

Joe Nick whizzed us through space, and time, sight and sound as he provided background on why Houston’s “The Action Town.” A don’t-miss intro. Grab a big drink and the notepad… This is a true whirlwind of an experience!

(Not a great picture…Sorry. But you try to catch a photo of Joe Nick standing still…)


From Texas Tenors to Oilin’ Up: The Soul of Houston Jazz

Lizette Cobb, Craig Green, "Doc" Robert Morgan, and Shelley Carroll

Lizette Cobb, Craig Green, “Doc” Robert Morgan, and Shelley Carroll

Rick Mitchell moderated this panel looking at Houston’s profound influence on the world of Jazz. Panelists included Lizette Cobb, Craig Green, Robert “Doc” Morgan, and tenor sax musician Shelley Carroll.

Don’t miss Shelley’s performance in the panel discussion of the Texas Tenor sound!


Playing Both Sides of the Tracks: Houston R&B and Honky-Tonk in the Mid-20th Century

Johnny Bush performing at HHA Conference

Johnny Bush performing live at the HHA Conference

Journalist John Nova Lomax moderated this panel featuring Roger Wood, Rick Mitchell, and legendary musician Johnny Bush.

Johnny Bush pulls out his guitar and gives us an intimate performance, along with stories of growing up in Houston and playing and writing with Willie Nelson!


HHA Houston History Awards Presentations

hha-awardsWe honored two individuals this year. Welcome Wilson was awarded the HHA Houston History Hero Award for his constant philanthropic support of efforts to tell Houston’s history. Wilson is the former chairman of the UH Board of Regents, Chairman of the University’s drive to Tier One Status, and endowed the Welcome Wilson Houston History Collaborative at UH.

HHA honored Roger Wood with the Betty Trapp Chapman Houston History Educator Award.  Dr. Wood is the author of three books looking at Houston’s amazing music history, was the musicologist behind the award winning documentary Texas Zydeco and is a contributor to numerous books and periodicals. He taught at Houston Community College for over 30 years.

From Rhythm and Blues to Chopped and Screwed…and Folk Music Too! Popular Collections in UH and Rice Libraries.

Houston University archives and music collections.

Houston Archives and Music Collections

Archivists from area libraries presented on the treasures housed in their collections. Julie Grob and Vince Lee from UH Special Collections discussed Texas Music, the Duke Peacock recording studio, and Hip Hop. Norie Guthrie from Rice University’s Woodson Research Center revealed her work archiving Houston’s rich Folk Music scene.

The Evolution of Latino Music in Houston

Robert Rodriguez and Nick Gaitan

Robert Rodriguez and Nick Gaitan

Joe Nick Patoski moderated this panel featuring Natalie Garza, Alex LaRotta, Nick Gaitan and Robert Rodriguez.

Don’t miss Robert and Nick’s live performance on the standup bass and accordion! They explore the number of styles that make up the history of Latino music then play their own original pieces.


Houston’s House of Hits: The Eight Decade Legacy of SugarHill Studios

andrew-bradley-dan-workmanThis panel explored everything SugarHill, from its humble beginnings as Bill Quinn’s scrappy effort to pay for car repairs to the longest running recording studio in the country. This is where countless stars started, built and sustained their careers, including Kenny Rogers, Lightnin’ Hopkins, The Big Bopper, Beyonce and many many more! Panel features Andy Bradley and Dan Workman, moderated by Roger Wood.


The Roots of Houston Hip Hop

Jason "DJ Flash Gordon Parks", Maco Faniel, Lance Scott Walker

Jason “DJ Flash Gordon Parks”, Maco Faniel, Lance Scott Walker

Moderator Jason “DJ Flash Gordon Parks” Woods brought his USB turntable. Each time panelists Maco Faniel or Lance Scott Walker named a seminal artist or piece of music, out came the record and everyone got to hear what we were talking about.

Great moment: An audience member  announced, “I came into this discussion unwilling to ever admit that Rap qualified as music. You changed my mind. I want to hear more.” Oh YEAH.