2015 – On the Cusp of War: Houston in the 1860s

On the Cusp of War: Houston in the 1860s

Thank you to everyone who attended our 2015 Houston History Conference! We had an amazing turnout – more than any other conference previous.

The University of Houston Honors College in the M.D. Anderson Library on the main campus was the perfect venue. Dr. Monroe and his staff were very accommodating and made us feel at home. We are also indebted to our academic partner, the UH Center for Public History.
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What did you miss?

View the full 2015 Houston History Conference Program. Featured speakers and topics included:

  • “The Slaves of Houston from Steamboat Arrival to Emancipation” by Kelly M. Ray
  • Civil War on the Upper Gulf Coast” by Ken Grubb and Brady Hutchinson
  • Juneteenth by Alvia Wardlaw, Marline Pitre, Naomi Carrier and Portia Baker
  • Reconstruction in Houston by Ron Goodwin
  • Antebellum Wilderness: the Natural History of the Houston Area by Jaime Gonzalez
  • The Changing Images of Houston: 1860 to 1900 by Ann Becker
  • Houston Activism by the staff of Houston History Magazine
  • “Worrying Women, Working Women: Houston Area Women during Civil War and Reconstruction” by Angela Boswell

The conference will include Houston Humanities scholars, noted historians and leaders of Houston who have focused knowledge about the individuals and events that shaped Houston’s history during this period.

Our Full List of Speakers