2016 Houston History Conference

Our 2016 topic: Houston and Music

Living??in Houston? Congratulations — You’re??smack dab in the center of??a scalding??hotbed of music??history! Artists from our booming metropolis have a long history of??impacting – and STILL impacting – not just the country’s music heritage but that of the entire world:

There are so many more we could add to this list – we’ve not even touched on all of the wonderful cultural groups here in Houston and their own special musical history!

The Annual Houston History Conference will attempt to touch on as many of the stories we can from our rich music history. Our conference partners this year are??The Jung Center of Houston??and the??Houston Blues Museum. Our target date for the conference is September 16, 2016, but that date is fluid until we get locked into a venue.

Want to participate? Great! We want to connect with:

  • Venues that focus on Houston’s music heritage
  • Historians exploring the roots of Houston’s music??scene
  • Musicians who are part of our legacy
  • Promoters, DJs, anyone who’s excited about exploring Houston’s Music History!

…email us at??[email protected]