The Handbook of Houston History

The Handbook of Houston is part of the Texas State Historical Association (TSHA) statewide resource, the Handbook of Texas online, the most widely cited history resource in Texas.

The 3 simple rules for Handbook of Houston entries:

  • It’s gotta be in Houston’s city limits
  • If it’s a person: They have to be dead, impactful, and important (we love her, but Aunt Matilda isn’t going to make the cut, unless she did something noteworthy outside your family.)
  • If it’s an event, building, patch of ground, it’s gotta be “historic.”

How to become a respected and highly regarded published Handbook Author in 10 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Need a topic? Check out our available handbook topics or suggest a topic. Also, take a look at what’s already been published.
  • Step 2: Read the author instructions. If you still have questions, email us!
  • Step 3: Have your topic picked out? Sign up for it by emailing Lindsay Scovil Dove to confirm it’s available and then sign the author agreement.
  • Step 4: Research that puppy! Where to go? Easy: Check out our list of Houston area Resources
  • Step 5: Just 400 – 800 words, folks! That’s it. Your sophomore English teacher assigned bigger papers than that! Remember: follow the Handbook of Houston author guidelines for your particular type of topic. (Please read the guidelines before emailing us!)
  • Step 6:  If you want a byline, it’s gotta be on time. But don’t panic – it usually only takes just a few days to get the piece written. DON’T WORRY ABOUT BEING PERFECT. That’s what an editor is for!
  • Step 7: SOURCES, PEOPLE! You know your stuff, but we’ve got to prove it to everyone else up the food chain. We need photocopies of all your sources. Use email, snail-mail, drop off, carrier pigeon, whatever; but our editor must have them to complete the submission.
  • Step 8: Sit back and relax while your entry is readied for publishing.  (But wait – you’ve got another idea? All right — go back to step 1! You’re a pro!)
  • Step 9: “Here’s to us!” Join us March 2017 at the TSHA annual meeting in Houston to celebrate the release of the Handbook of Houston.
  • Step 10: Follow the HHA and the Handbook of Houston on Facebook, brag to all of your friends and family, and then talk them into writing an entry too!

Handbook of Houston
Lindsay Scovil Dove, Editor
Houston History Alliance
Center for Public History, University of Houston
3623 Cullen Blvd., Room 320
Houston, TX 77204-3007