Board of Directors

A Dedicated and Active Group of Volunteers

Meet The Houston History Alliance board. We are working board with each of us participating in HHA’s various activities.



Cecelia Ottenweller

Board Member
Cecelia is a "Jane of All Trades," and is very professionally curious, pursuing ...

Debbie Z. Harwell, Ph.D.

Programming Committee Chair
Debbie Z. Harwell recently received her Ph.D. from the University of Houston ...

David Falloure

Board Co-Chair
David Falloure is a member of the board for the Houston History Alliance and a ...

Miki Lusk Norton

Miki Lusk Norton, Chair of Houston History Alliance Advisory Board Miki is a ...

Tomiko Meeks

Board Co-Chair
Tomiko Meeks is a professional historian, freelance editor, and professor. She ...
Chris Daigle

Chris Daigle

Chris Daigle is a photographer, journalist, and historian from Houston, Texas. ...
Christian Kelleher

Christian Kelleher

Christian Kelleher is the Head of Special Collections for the University of ...

Karen Redding

Karen Redding is a member of the board for the Houston History Alliance and the ...

Jesus Jesse Esparza, Ph.D.

Board Member
Dr. Jesus Jesse Esparza is an Assistant Professor of History in the College of ...
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