The Amazing Stories of Houston Women

A collaboration of organizations telling, showing, dancing, and singing the many ways HOUSTON WOMEN have ROCKED THE WORLD.

The Houston History Alliance (HHA) is reaching out to organizations in Houston to coordinate a multi-day collection of collaboratively-built programming for Fall of 2018 exploring the extraordinary stories of how our city’s women have impacted all areas of the city’s growth and development: the arts, business and entrepreneurship, civic life, etc.

The programming will be scheduled during a 2-3 week window in September/October of 2018. HHA will then work with the participating groups to develop a unified brand for the programming collection and then together, we will collectively market the suite of experiences to increase public awareness, excitement and participation within the larger Houston community.

The intention is for each program in the collective to be created by partnering organizations, which can include university history departments, theater groups, dance companies, photography and art groups, museums, oral history initiatives, archives, community organizations, and history organizations. Each group will be responsible for creating, presenting and evaluating their own program, but will be supported by the larger group, particularly with promotion.

We are particularly interested in reaching out to those groups with ties to the various ethnic/historic communities of Houston. A list of our current HHA Community Partners can be found on our website at To be listed on our website, please contact us at

Project Goals

The goals of this programming are fourfold:

  1. Reclaim the lost stories of powerful women in our communities and then leverage those stories to build awareness and inspire the continuing legacy of Houston women changing not just our city but also the world.
  2. Through the stories of remarkable women leaders, elevate the visibility of Houston’s threatened historic/ethnic/diaspora communities in order to create cross-community dialog and address quality of life issues.
  3. Build capacity and sustainability within the many history/humanities organizations serving Houston while at the same time strengthening the ties between them and increasing the probability of future collaborations.
  4. The programming will help our partnering organization to build their presence in the Handbook of Houston and the developing Handbook of Texas Women, both of which are part of the HHA ongoing partnership with the Texas State Historical Association (TSHA).

The HHA 7th Annual Houston History Conference

As part of the collaboration, HHA will present it’s 7th annual Houston History Conference, a one-day presentation of panels and roundtable discussions entitled “Houston Women: Agitating, Educating, Advocating”. The full day of programming will include panel discussions by women who are not only experts in the history of Houston’s women’s roles as agitators, educators and advocators, but who have lived the history and can reflect on their experiences. Conference goers will engage in direct dialog with the panels as we look at how women can continue to lead the city now and into the future. The conference will also include a one-day pop-up museum free to the public and a vendor area where area organizations can promote their programming.

HHA Mission

This proposed programming initiative greatly furthers the mission of the Houston History Alliance, which is to serve as a connection point and catalyst between the general public and Houston’s many history-centric organizations. This collaborative project and our one-day presentation of academic programming will further our mission to leverage the city’s history to inspire civic pride and investment in Houston’s communities and its history organizations.

Conference-goers will know beyond a doubt that Houston’s women deserve to be celebrated and known.

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